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  1. You just got the quote from the DJ. That's just not in your budget.
  2. You’re hosting an outside wedding and need to amplify the ceremony…and there is no electricity!
  3. You want to play processional, recessional, and reception music – what you want when you want it.
  4. Your partner was supposed to take care of the AV months ago and forgot. The wedding is tomorrow.
  5. You’re an event planner.  (Event planners rock!)

If you chose any of the above – relax!  We’ve got you covered with our ceremony and reception packages
Need to add video projection for that photo slide show?  No problem!

  • Yes! We do accept last minute orders!
  • Yes! We do have a quiet generator we can rent!
  • Yes! Our packages include delivery, setup, and pickup!  (No need to send the best man on another errand.)

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