Where Clients are Family

Interested in learning more about us?  Feel free to call us at 206.548.9822 or drop us a line at orders@liveoakav.com.

Learn more about the awesome things kids are doing in Seattle by checking out Southside Revolution Co-ed Junior Roller Derby!

We're local.  We're family-owned.  And in Seattle, that also means we’re hi-tech, forward-thinking, exceedingly polite, highly-caffeinated, community-minded, and environmentally-conscious.

After 16 years of service, our clients are more than just customers. They are family.  We make sure to treat our clients the same way we would want our moms to be treated; fairly, patiently, and professionally.  We have staff on call 7 days a week in case someone needs help with their event.

Someday, our son may run this company.  We want him to be proud of what we've built and the people we've been able to help.  At the moment, he wants to play roller derby in the Olympics so we'll see how that goes.